#ideas: Arty Party

One of my favorite parties recently has been my neighbor-friend Ashley’s Art Party! Fun for all ages, bright and cheerful - and everyone takes home a masterpiece.

Ashley made the cookies, and you can, too! We made mini painting pages for the favors. They were hand drawn and printed on watercolor paper. Ashley also handed out aprons and tote bags to everyone, so they could keep clean and carry all their art supplies home. She kept the overall decor simple and bright, using eye catching paper goods, fresh fruit and bagged snacks. And she used one of our coloring runners on the wall!

Try the large wood palettes for displaying the cookies, so fun. The clear paint cans can be used for a floral centerpiece, or as a really fun way to display candy or snacks.

Get the look with the links below, or contact us for even more ideas, customized to your guests and budget.